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Aim of the orthodontic treatment

The aim of the orthodontic treatment is to achieve not only correct occlusion relationships but also correcting aesthetics of the smile and the appearance of the lower region of the face. It is particularly important especially nowadays, when the appearance is a key attribute in the working and personal life. Moreover after straightening teeth, it is easier to clean them correctly which lowers the risk of coming into existence of the tooth decay, or the sedimentation of tartar.

The orthodontic treatment can be conducted in every age, but it is the orthodontist who chooses an optimum time of commencing the treatment the most, conditioned with kind of the occlusal abnormality. Most often curing is being conducted at 10-13 year of age, but to the first visit it is possible to report already from 5-6 old child so as to compare his problematic issue with the norm right for the child in this age and judge whether the development of teeth and the bone is proceeding in the correct way. Recommending muscle exercises in this age or applying simple apparatuses can sometimes to correct or entirely to level irregularities.